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Questions about the yacht journeys in the company of interesting people

We sail not to fight the storms, but to relax. Look, the storm might happen if you are in the stormy region (definitely not our case!), or you are going to sail during the stormy season (the same), or nobody has checked the forecast before sailing (our skippers thoroughly check the forecast every day), or you are about to join a very long trip - several days at sea (not our case either!).

All that is far from our agenda, so no need to worry about. Your skipper checks the forecast every day, and if there's a slight chance of storm, we just don't go outside the marina and find some activities ashore. But let's imagine that the forecast was wrong and we find ourselves in the middle of the storm: no need to be afraid either, the modern yachts built with high safety factor and the storm can't destroy or even harm the boat.

In case of emergency, there is a VHF on each yacht to contact a rescue team, a set of signal rockets and a safety raft with the food and medical supplies.

Yep, the yacht could sink if collides with the dangerous obstacles and get a hole in the hull. There's a minimal chance of that in the open sea, because of a lot of empty space and near absence of the other boats. Most of our trips will take place in the coastal regions, where (just theoretically) the yacht could collide with the other boats or even a shore, but the close proximity of the rescue services reduces the risk of sinking to zero - the yacht won't sink instantly and the rescue team comes very quickly. Moreover, there's the safety raft aboard each yacht!

Yes, there are life jackets for each member of the crew and also other safety gear. We'll show you where your life jacket is on the boat. You can be sure that you'll find it if necessary. You can wear the life jacket all the time aboard, if you feel safer this way. And note, that you are obliged to wear it if the skipper asks you to (for example, if the yacht has a significant heel or there's a gusty wind).

5-15% of people have sea sickness - depending on the intensity of pitching. If you don't feel discomfort while riding a car or aboard a flight, you most likely don't feel discomfort aboard the yacht.
If, unfortunately, this is your case and you've got a sea sickness - just take special pills the very first day and wait for a day or two so it passes on its own. Note that you should take a pill in advance, at least one hour before sailing.

It's not an excuse not to go sailing! Sailing doesn't actually require the ability to swim. You can always wear a life jacket, take an inflatable ring or braces with you, hold on to the unsinkable yacht fender, or grab the line while swimming - there is an ocean of possibilities! Eventually if you are afraid to swim - just don't, there are a lot of other interesting activities aboard.

Usually we buy a local SIM-card and share the internet on someone's iPad or iPhone. Yep, the bandwidth is narrow, so if you need the internet for the work or other purposes, you can always buy your own SIM-card.
Also there is WiFi at most of the marinas, but I wouldn't depend on it.

Usually we stay at the harbour with all the facilities for the sailors - so called "marinas". You can go ashore, roam the city, there are showers, WCs, restaurants and shops at the marina. But we can also be at anchor for the night from time to time and sleep at sea - it's quite romantic. In that case we get the dinghy ready and go ashore to walk, take photos and sightseen. When it's time to come back we'll board the dinghy again and go to the yacht on it to drink some wine and look at stars.
Be at anchor for the night is actually pretty cool! Just imagine - you wake up in the morning and can't decide what to do first: drink a cup of coffee or swim in the azure bay.

There's yacht gear that could break down because of an accident or misuse. We'll share the fine for the breakages among the crew. There are no breakages in 95% of our journeys, but in the remaining cases the fine rarely exceeds 100-300 euro, which we share among 8 people. It's near impossible to break something on the modern yacht if treated with care.

We'll add you to the chat on facebook, where you can ask any questions about our trip. Also you can friend us on facebook:
Igor Trofimov
Tatiana Belysheva
Andrei Kovrigo
See you at the airport or on the pier!

We'll go to the grocery and buy everything we need for the entire week first thing before departure: something for the breakfast, vegetables, fruits, cereal, pasta, potatoes, meat, all kinds of sausages, cheese, dairy, canned goods, drinking water, juice. We can always replenish our supplies while staying in the marinas. There's no professional cook aboard, so we have to cook ourselves. There's also no discrimination: the boys cook and wash the dishes alongside with the girls. If there's someone in the crew eager to cook - than we can consider ourselves lucky! If not, we cook by turns.

If everybody wants - yes! If not - we can separate, so part of the crew goes to the restaurant and the others have dinner aboard. Please note that restaurant expenses are not included in the price, you have to pay those bills yourself (unless we go to Turkey where the bill from the restaurant replaces the mooring fee).

Every single day. Even if we decide to stay at anchor for the night, we'll definitely go ashore by dinghy and walk there.

There are 2 or 3 showers with hot water aboard, depending on the model of the yacht. The water supply is limited, so we ask you to spend it carefully and don't take the extended spa sessions. But it should be enough for the usual hygienic procedures.

There are 500 litres tanks with fresh water on each yacht. Usually it's enough for 3-4 days. Nevertheless we refill water tanks at every marina we stay. Also there is water level sensor, which we check periodically.

All the cabins are double. If you travel alone, you have to share the cabin with someone else from the crew. Of course, if you are a girl, you'll share it with a girl. The same stands for boys. There have been no conflicts between roommates yet - everybody returns from the journey as good friends!
Also there might be a cabin with two beds (one on top of the other) on some boats depending on the model.
And there's always a bed in the saloon, where you can sleep if you don't want to share the cabin with anybody. Or you can grab your blanket and go to the cockpit to sleep with the fresh air and the sounds of splashing water around.
In case you want your very own cabin you have to pay double.

It depends on weather conditions and wave height. If you feel discomfort while riding a car or aboard a flight, there's a chance you feel discomfort aboard. To avoid this, take pills one hour before departing. The next day sea sickness will pass on its own even without the pills. Also there's a minimal pitching at sheltered marinas.

The region of sailing always stays the same. The details of the route is a subject to change depending on weather conditions and the will of Poseidon himself. If there's a storm coming, we stay at the marina, but don't worry, we can always find some interesting activities ashore!
We can also change the order of cities to visit depending on wind, whatever is best for sailing.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can always find somebody else to go instead. Also we'll try our best to find a replacement, but no guarantees.

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